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So... has been a while since I actually posted anything... so I thought I would share some REALLY good news that I got last week... but just did not have time to make a posting about.

I was in to see my obesity specialist last week on October 24th and got two pieces of great news:

a) My blood pressure remained solid around 120/85 after reducing one of my blood pressure medications a month ago. Yay! ;-)

b) ANNNDDDD... I got on the scales (always something I do with a bit of trepidation) and set the scale to where I WANTED it to be... and then had to nudge it downwards... and downwards... to 135.6kg or 297lbs. That's right.... 297... below 300... for the first time in probably a decade... and 117lbs down from when I officially first started on January 23, 2007 (the day I first weighed in).

SO... yeah... YAY me. ;-)

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