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Mittens Project at MCCT

As many of you know, I am have been an on-and-off member of the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

A young woman of our Church, 11 yo. "Hannah" has decided that she wants to create a "Mitten Tree" this year as project within the Sunday School that is run at the Church. She has asked all of the members of the Congregation to bring in Mittens to add to the tree

The Senior Pastor of the Church is trying to get the entire congregation REALLY on board with this project and to be able to present Hannah with a whole tonne of Mittens on this coming Sunday morning. His goal is to truly change her life - to show her the power of her inspiration and vision.

So... if there is anyone out there in LJ land who might like to help with this, give me a shout. The help can either by financial (to me, then I will go out and buy mittens) or by getting me a set of mittens or two by this coming Saturday. I currently have $40 in the pot and hopefully rising soon.

Let me know! Every little bit counts.
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