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MCCT - Happiness Now - Week 2

Dialogue Group Weekly Talking Sheet
Lesson for Life: February 17th Dialogue Groups: February 17th – 23th
Recommended Reading from Happiness Now: “Giving Up the Search,” Pages 37-104
Questions for Discussion:
1) Scripture says that we are created in the image of God. What part of us do you believe is the God piece or what part of us represents the reflection of God?
2) What does being created in the image of God mean to you?
3) The author says that love, peace and joy represent our true essence, our authentic self. Do you agree with this? Is there more to our essence than these three?
4) What do you think about Holden’s point that our circumstances can encourage or influence our happiness but not determine it?
5) Holden says that happiness is a choice that we make. Do you agree? – Do you agree sometimes or always?

5 Main Sermon Points:
1) The overarching focus around us is negative – the Church / Politics / the Media are all examples of this.
2) The place that we begin is usually with pain, loss, and difference.
3) Happiness is “already here.”
4) Happiness is a choice – external factors are influencers, not deciders.
5) The essence of happiness is love, peace, and joy – and they are already within us.!

Readings and Scriptures in Support of the Lesson for Life/Sermon:
A thought from Robert Holden’s Yogi:
“Think of two birds as two thoughts flying about in the sky of your mind. The first bird, the individual self, is your ego.
It ‘desires’ happiness, and it tells you that you must search the world to find it. The second bird, the universal self,
is your spirit. It ‘knows’ happiness, and it tells you that you are happy already, that you were created happy,
that all the happiness you have ever dreamed of rests in the centre of your Self right now.”

Genesis 1:27
-text to be added

John 1:4-7a
-text to be added

My Own Reflections:

-To Be Added Soon
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