Scott Bukovac (scottybear) wrote,
Scott Bukovac

A Bit of Work

So.... to update the "huddling masses".... I have gotten some work through the temp agency that I am working with (Office Team). I am working for a "Watchdog" agency that overseas the provincial government. I am being kinda circumspect on the name of the organization only because of potential search engine issues.

The people I work with directly are very friendly and easy to work with. Brought a box of muffins in yesterday (my first day) to grease the wheel a bit. *grins*

I was parachuted into this role because I am able to hit the ground running on Macs (the whole 90+ person office is on Macs with a few PCs around for "comfort") and I could also hit the ground running on Powerpoint. They basically needed someone to tidy-up and "make pretty" a bunch of Powerpoint presentations for one of their Directors in particular and also develop some new ones.

I was speaking with a couple of the investigators in the Team that I am a part of about the whole idea of structuring good presentations - not from their perspective - but from the perspective of the audience - the "Designing presentations from an educators perspective". The one woman said "Wow, I would love for you to talk about this further - perhaps do a small training seminar on it - with some tools and stuff that we can take away". I suggested to her to put the "bug" in the ear of the Director and I would be happy to do that. Gently trying to create a role here... *grins*
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