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Well..... we are t-minus 1hr49min until the starting-gun goes off to begin the 5K walk today...

I OFFICIALLY got excited yesterday after we had picked up our race/walk packages.... the energy in the Health Expo was electric. I spoke to a few people about my "story" and why I am walking... to celebrate 107lbs lost and in memory of friends and loved ones who have passed away from cancer (and to raise money!).

Saw lots of neat events that can be done in the coming year(s)... one I/we will definitely do at some point.... the Reggae Marathon/Half-Marathon in Jamaica! *grins* Hell-yeah! First weekend of December each year. *grins*

Next up - Half-Marathon Walking Clinic at Running Room - starting soon.

Results to follow after we get home.

*helps everyone cross their fingers, toes, arms, legs for us*

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