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Wanna Be My Elf??

Hello all....

So... does anybody want to be my ELF for a night this week?

Now.... before your minds flow down into the gutters, here is the REAL story here....

At MCC Toronto, a couple of women of the congregation for many years have co-ordinated the churche's contribution to the Toronto Star Santa Box program. Every years, thousands of volunteers fan out across the city to deliver approximately 50000 boxes to children in need.

I have volunteered to be a "Santa" this year, and to take a route and deliver boxes one evening next week. Most likely it would be TUESDAY based on my current schedule.

It would be GREAT to have an ELF to help me out. Unfortunately, my Life-Elf (aka Iain) is away that week on a business trip. If any of you want to come out and give me a hand on Tuesday night for probably 2hrs (7pm to 9pm or so), please let me know. Appropriate "hat"tage will be provided. ;-)

Ho HO HO!!! Merry Christmas!!
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